At C.Scope we recognise that safe excavation is not just a question of providing the best location equipment and accessories, but also relies heavily on the skill and experience of the operators.

Therefore C.Scope offers a number of training options to both operators and trainers at your chosen location. C.Scope always recommends that operators are trained before using any safety tool.

Training courses

C.Scope offers a number of half day training courses for up to 8 people per session. The C.Scope training courses are available to both operators and trainers and can be undertaken at the location of your choice.



This course covers the different types of buried services that exist, current legislation concerning detecting buried services, the safety implications of not using a Cable Avoidance Tool plus ancillary locating work to be done (use of cable plans, observation of street furniture etc.).


A general overview of how Cable Avoidance Tools work followed by a step by step explanation of exactly

what can and cannot be detected on the different modes. Typically use of the Cable Avoidance Tool alone is covered first followed by use of a Signal Generator. Accessories that are appropriate to the work that the operators carry out will be included, for example Street Light Cable Tracing and avoidance. Correct maintenance and care of the equipment is also discussed.


Operators are shown the correct way to handle and operate the equipment on all modes before being given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience themselves. Any bad habits will be quickly picked up and corrected. Time is spent practising the techniques of detecting signals, pinpointing their source and then finally tracing the route of the service. A Signal Generator and the relevant accessories will also be used.

On completion of the course the names of the successful candidates will be recorded to allow Certificates of Competence in the use of Pipe and Cable Avoidance Tools to be provided. Note: Training is not a once in a lifetime event. All operators should attend refresher courses to keep up to date with improving Detection techniques.



This course is aimed at operators who require further knowledge of the more advanced techniques that due to time restraints cannot be covered in the standard course. The emphasis will be entirely on technique rather than avoidance and dangers and as these are such an integral part of safe detecting this course should only be undertaken by those who have already attended the standard course.

On successful completion of the course an advanced user certificate will be awarded.



This course is aimed at Managers who want to analyse and understand the data stored on C.Scope Data-logging locators.

The manager will be taught how to use the XL2 PC Toolkit to download the data. It will also cover how to interpret the raw data, make use of the graphics and examine how their locators and signal generators have been used.

This will enable plans and recommendations to be made for future training staff requirements.

In addition, in the event of a cable strike, it will enable managers to understand the circumstances and behaviour of the individuals involved.

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