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This product has now been superseded by the MXL4 Precision Locator.

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The C.Scope MXL2 is a high performance digital Locator specifically designed to detect, identify and trace specific buried pipes and cables reliably and accurately, even in the most congested areas.

The C.Scope MXL2 Precision Pipe and Cable Locator has four detection modes (POWER, RADIO, TRANSMITTER AND ALLSCAN) to select from. Each mode provides its own specific advantages.

The MXL2 delivers improved signal detection sensitivity and better noise rejection so it is capable of detecting the smallest of signals even in areas of high service density and electrical noise.

The MXL2 can locate using 3 different signals giving the broadest range of tracing options when in a congested area.

Simultaneous 33+131kHz signal detection gives the MXL2 is ideal for general utility location and detects smaller buried pipes and cables such as telecoms, sheathed fibre optics and street lighting spurs, the 8kHz signal detection traces deeper and over longer distances and the ultra low frequency 512/640Hz signal is invaluable for specialist tracing.

The C.Scope MXL2 offers a significant step up in performance compared to standard Cable Avoidance Tools.

Human error can be a contributory factor associated with cable strikes. To address this issue, intelligent features such as an Automatic Daily Self Test function and a dynamic Swing Sensor help ensure that best working practices are adhered to and being applied on-site. The optional Data Logging can also provide an invaluable insight into working practices that can help to identify potential training requirements.

C.Scope’s new MXl2 performs an Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST). If attention is required the ADST will alert the user to please contact an authorised C.Scope Service centre for assistance. Read more about ADST.

C.Scope provide a comprehensive training course including certification for the use of all our products.
Please contact us or download the brochure if you would like to know more about the MXL2.

  • Power Mode
  • Radio Mode
  • Transmitter Mode
    – Simultaneous 33+131kHz Signal detection for utility avoidance.
    – 8 kHz Signal detection for tracing over longer distances.
    – Ultra low 512/640Hz Signal detection for specialist tracing.
  • All Scan Mode.
  • Push button Depth Measurement.
  • Automatic Noise Rejection.
  • Shallow Cable Depth Indicator.
  • Dynamic Swing Sensor.
  • Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST) with Validation Certificate. Read more about ADST.
  • Optional Data Logging of all Locator activity.
  • High resolution Liquid Crystal Display indicating:
    – Battery Condition
    – Signal Strength
    – Mode selected
    – Frequency selected
    – Automatic Daily Self Test Result
    – Shallow Cable Depth Alert.
  • Three year warranty (conditions apply).
  • Fully weatherproof design to IP65.

The MXL2 has four detection modes to select from. Each mode provides specific advantages.

POWER mode identifies buried electricity cables by detecting the mains frequency signal travelling along the cable itself, when current is being drawn.

RADIO mode detects re-radiated ‘radio’ type signals that are often present on metal pipes and cables.

TRANSMITTER mode is used to detect the signal applied to a metal pipe or cable by a C.Scope MXT2 Transmitter. The ability to select from a simultaneous 33kHz+131kHz signal as well as 8kHz and 512/640Hz signals gives the operator more versatility to detect and trace utilities. This mode is also used for detecting the signal from a C.Scope Sonde or Plastic Pipe Tracer when tracing in non metallic pipes such as sewers, drains or cable ducts.

ALLSCAN mode detects ALL frequencies of signal from the lowest of the Power signals right up to and including 33kHz. This mode can detect unusual signals appearing in the frequency gaps between conventional Power, Radio and Transmitter modes and is invaluable as a ‘final check’ before excavation work begins.

Depth Measurement
When used with an MXT2 Transmitter, the depth of buried pipes, cables and Sondes can be indicated at the push of a button.

Signal Current Measurement
A further development from Depth Measurement. The MXL2 can monitor the true strength of the MXT2 Transmitter signal applied to a buried service irrespective of its depth. This is ideal for identifying the layout of a pipe or cable network.

Dynamic Swing Sensor
The MXL2 will sound a single tone to alert the operator if it is being swung excessively when in use.

Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST)
The MXL2 has comprehensive self test circuitry. ADST fully examines the Locator, including the receiving aerials every day when it is first switched on. This gives the operator confidence that the equipment is working to its optimum before it is used. The test result is recorded and can be printed out as a System Validation Certficate when required.

Data Logging
The MXL2 Precision Pipe and Cable Locator is available with or without Data Logging. The Data Logging version will automatically record how and when the Locator is being used. Over 12 months of data (in normal use) can be stored before being overwritten. A full audit trail is kept of all locating activity so that it is possible to see when the Locator passed Self Tests, which Modes have been used, when, and for how long.

Data Transfer via USB
Data from the Data Logging versions of the MXL2 can be transferred at any time to a PC for analysis via the data connection socket in the battery compartment.

Data Log analysis
C.Scope’s FREE to download XL2 Edition PC Toolkit allows manipulation of the stored data-logs into charts and graphs that illustrate all aspects of the use of the MXL2 Locator.

The data can be utilised to show if the Locator has been used correctly, to assess actual operator behaviour and to identify any potential training requirements.

LCD clear digital display
The MXL2 has a large, clear and easy-to-read backlit LCD mounted behind a tough protective polycarbonate lens. The display indicates detection mode, signal peak level, depth, signal strength and battery condition. It also displays the Automatic Daily Self Test results.

Fingertip controls
The MXL2’s ergonomic controls offer easy singlehanded sensitivity adjustments and mode selection.

Detachable Loudspeaker
The Loudspeaker can be easily detached for use in noisy work environments.

Data connection
The MXL2 features a data connection socket for transferring data to a PC using the C.Scope XL2 Edition PC Toolkit.

Robust & durable construction
The MXL2’s twin wall construction is robust and durable. It also provides IP65 standard of protection against dust and water ingress.

Maintenance & Calibration
If attention is required the Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST) will alert the user to please contact an authorised C.Scope Service centre for assistance.

System Validation Certification
The C.Scope XL2 Edition PC Toolkit allows owners to print a System Validation Certificate by connecting the MXL2 to a PC via USB. The results are generated from the ADST results that are stored on the Locator.

A complete ‘covers off’ service and maintenance package is available for those customers who require it from C.Scope Authorised Service Centres. For more information go to

The MXL2 has a three year Warranty.

Product name
MXL2 Locator

Part No.
MXL2 Locator – ZXMXL2
MXL2 Locator with Data Logging – ZXMXL2-DL

Product Dimensions
720mm x 280mm x 65mm

2.6kg incl. batteries.
2.4kg excl. batteries.

Internal 8 x AA (LR6) cells alkaline batteries typically giving up to 40 hours intermittent use at 20°C.
Compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Temperature Range
-20°C to +50°C

IP Rating


Three years (conditions apply).

Locator Features
Power Mode
Radio Mode
Transmitter Mode
– 33+131kHz
– 8kHz
– 512 / 640Hz
Signal Current Measurement
Automatic Noise Rejection
Dynamic Swing Sensor
Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST)*
Data Logging
Data Transfer via USB
Display (LCD)
Three Year Warranty**
8 x AA (LR6)
8 x AA (LR6)


* ADST. C.Scope’s new MXL2 performs an Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST). If attention is required the ADST will alert the user to please contact an authorised C.Scope Service centre for assistance.
** 3 Year Warranty Conditions apply.
*** Batteries. The MXL2 uses 8 x AA LR6 Alkaline or NiMhCad or Rechargeable batteries sealed in a secure fitted battery compartment. The battery pack will typically provide approximately 40 hours of use. The battery compartment also houses a spare battery holder.


Sensitivity @ 1m Depth
Detection Depth
50 – 400Hz
Up to 3m
10kHz – 30kHz
Up to 2m
33kHz + 131kHz
Up to 5m
Up to 5m
512Hz / 640Hz
Up to 5m
All Scan
50Hz – 33kHz
Up to 3m
Up to 9.9m
Up to 9.9m
512Hz / 640 Hz
Up to 9.9m

MXL2 Locator Manual

MXL2 Locator Brochure

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